Mittwoch, 24. November 2010


Well hi there :)

I decided to write in english, once again... i don't know if it works out as well as i intend, but we'll see ;D

I feel quite unstable at the moment..
Some days i feel like i could run around and love everyone and everything, and some days i just feel lonely and unloved.
To distract myself from those weird feelings i started collecting...
Well i did not start this year, actually i am collecting things since i don't know when.
But this year i thought about getting serious.

Since my mother gave me an old golden pocket watch (which i wear every day as a necklace) i was fascinated by those pocked watches.
My aunt gave me a second one, a massive silver watch.
Both work without batteries, just by winding them up :)
These two watches are the most predcious items to me.

I like old things, really. Old watches, old porcelain and old pictures.
My mum doesn't like anything old xD Thats why she always says "You're not my child!" when it comes to decoration and style.
A good friend of hers, Marie-Louise, is abslutely crazy about collecting old things, mainly silver sugar sprinklers and anything silver in general.
But she only collects really expensive and valuable items.
She has a Soup Bowl, for example, that once belonged to the King of Preussen.
She showed me her collection (because i teach his husband english) and her whole house is like a beautiful old museum. Absolutely stunning.
And she told me that she's going to take me with her for the next art auction, which is called "Van Ham".
I checked the webside... and found my personal grail...

Unfortunately i can NEVER EVER achieve it... *sob*
But isn't this little watch beautiful? ;O; i adore it...

Well the whole website is just full of amazing, incredible expensive items.
Check yourself if you don't believe it ;)

But i really hope that Marie-Louise will take me with her.
That would be an amazing experience ;)

That's enough for now, see you :)


  1. Ooh, mach das! : 3
    Taschenuhren sind wunderschön und ein tolles Sammelhobby, finde ich!
    Außerdem passt das irgendwie zu dir. : D
    Taschenuhren und so ...
    Uwah und die eine hier ist so schön!! @ Van Ham

  2. Orrr danke @ passen xDDD ich bin sone alte sammleroma xDDD
    die sind nur echt schwer zu bekommen ._. aber ich geb mein bestes `A´

    guck mal auf die webseite @ van ham x_X
    da fallen dir die augen aus