Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010


Hey there people :)
I'm still too lazy to write much, but i don't think that that's necessary ;)
I just want to show you the wonderful gifts i got for christmas :)

First, the stunning gifts my friends Lisa and Sabine gave me *3*

So here we go:

Sabine gave me an Amy Butler Book with Patterns! Omg it's so awesome ;O;
I also got some selfmade bathing-chocolate, sweets, inspiration(!) and selfmade jewellery ;3; absolutely amazing. Thank you so much, Sabine.

Lisa got me this awesome black vintage bag, a vintage clock and that little blue necklace on the right *^* Thank you so much darling

Here are some closeups

The bracelet, the ring and the little angel pendant are made by sabine
The clock and the blue necklace are Lisas gifts.

Sabines selfmade bathing-chocolate

An these are the things i got from my family:
From left to right:
A black fluffy scarf
Underwear xD
The hunger games
A tutorial book for photography
An Itunes giftcard
A Svarowsky phone pendant
A white shirt with dog print
A pocket mirror
A jacket
A striped shirt
Inception DVD
And pyjamas

These are my christmas gifts
What are yours?

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